Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cover Page 2014 | Project Life

Hello Friends, 

Have you started your Project Life album yet ? Finishing off 2013 ? or debating on starting ? Well maybe this will encourage you to start. 

In 2013 when I first started documenting - project life style - i really wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it would be somewhat time consuming, lots of photo printing, and sitting down journaling.. all those things were somewhat intimidating .. but i got myself organized and joined a few kit clubs that offer the project life kits.  

I scheduled myself atleast an hour or so to document on Saturday nights when hubby was busy watching hockey or his COPS shows. It gave me time to sit and start journaling about my week. I used the iPhone app called Project 365 and every day it reminds me to take a picture. This was perfect and is perfect for me to take a picture of what the day was like or an event that happen that day. When i sit down to do my spread i take a peek at my app and see what went on that week. SO EASY! I don't do notes, or post its or make it complicating for me - i just do it. 

As for journaling i write a few notes down about what we did or how i felt - nothing drastic. I print my pics from home on my huge printer HP 6500 and it works great. 
I use a program called Photosheet to make collages - such as multi photos on a 4x6 pics. Easy to add tons of pics and simple to save it and print. 

Some of my spreads are embellishment / sticker heavy when i want to spend more than an hour on my spread but sometimes i just have pics and journaling. whatever works for me at that time.  I dont stress about WEEK numbers. I dont like that. I like to add my dates and this can be sunday to tuesday / sunday to saturday or even 10 days at a time if i've had a  slower/ quieter week. i have no rules.. no regulations and that for me makes DOCUMENTING FUN! 

I love to look back at my pages and remember those funny / crazy / difficult moments of 2013. I'm looking forward to documenting 2014 and i so encourage you to start... even if you don't finish or don't like the process atleast you tried! I'm 95% sure you'll enjoy this ! 

So grab your stuff and get to it!

This is my 2014 Cover Page. 
I used LilyBee Design Family Collection -

Have a fabulous week and please share your cover page with me!
 I'd love to see it ;-)

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