Monday, June 24, 2013

Project Life | Up to June 23

hello Friends!

I finally have an update on my Project Life Spreads! Just so you know I haven't given up and still enjoying the process. I'm still taking a picture a day and keeping track with Project 365 (iphoneAPP) I find this quite useful when i'm sitting at my scrap table and wondering .. " what the heck did I do Tuesday!?" I try to finish my spreads on Saturdays and so far so good!
I don't document everyday, I do most days. I try and take atleast one selfie and of course pictures of Eddie and hubby. I usually have weather forcast, some events that happened during the week and a few scrappy news.

This is Eddie - he usually likes to help when I take pictures of my layouts outside!
I do find the PL spreads HARD to photograph. Always a glare, and not so clear. I am sorry for poorly taken photos - no sun and a kitty ;-)

Here are a few of my spreads
you can click on the photo for a closer look, keep in mind this is my personal album.

April 11-14 2013

April 15-23 2013

April 26-27 2013 - Toronto

May 1-10 2013

May 19-31 2013

June 1-10 2013 Las Vegas

June 16-23 2013

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a little glimpse into my life! 
If you haven't started PL - it's never too late! 

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