Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Few Decorated Blogs

Hello Friends,

I've been enjoying Decorating Blogs the past few weeks, it's keeping me busy on my days off and especially rainy days! I just wanted to share a few with you today. I usually post them on my facebook page but in case you and I aren't " fb friends" here is a peek! ;-)

First UP.. Delaina's  - Love the simplicity of this design. She wanted something soft and something with color - she selected a kit from Natali and it was perfect!

This next make over was for Carolyn - I recently did her scrapbook store blog and she wanted something similiar in style - she loves cameras and this wonderful quote-
I like how she selected all her sidebar/posts in seperate boxes. Makes a nice clean look.

This next one is Mercy Tiara's - Love the simple look and those colors together.. are fabulous! 

Next is Jenny Evans - She loves Nicole Nowosad's blog and it's style in general so I tried to mimic but not copy Nicole's blog and this is what i came up with

And after doing all these, my own blog got a makeover !! Love the orange and i wanted something a bit different -

and My latest one, that i finished last night - Karen's. Love the kit she selected, those soft embellishments with pink and blue.. so pretty!

 Thanks for dropping in today!
I have no other good news to share ;-) Maybe Tomorrow!

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