Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Creative Scrappers Sketch 250

I'm not very good at speeches or even expressing myself thru words. The only thing i can really say is that Creative Scrappers was an amazing adventure for me. I have met sooooooo many wonderful people thru this site, and made some good friends along the way as well.

After today, Creative Scrappers will be taking a little vacation! I'm not going far and I won't be long. Ie just need some time to revamp some ideas, and thing about what i'd like to do with the sketch challenges. So many stores, manufacturers and challenge blogs offer Sketch Challenges, and I guess i'm a bit " overwhelmed " and maybe think Sketches are flooding the scrap sites.. do you feel that way? do you enjoy so many sketches ? do you pick and choose your favorite or do you always participate on certain sites? ....  

While I'm on a little vacation, i will have a few sketch challenges posted at CS and some special giveaways from sponsors. Those will be done sporadically and with enough notice so you can participate.  For example .. Sketch 250 will be up for the month of March with a deadline of March 31st.
This isn't goodbye, i've worked too hard to put this site to rest .. 5 years of hard work and dedication has put me where i am today with Creative Scrappers and all of you who have supported me still deserve to be inspired!

Hopefully you can participate to sketch 250 ... and of course more to come ;-) 


  1. Kristine, I have really enjoyed CS, and I think people like to use sketches that fit their style and that they are comfortable using, and that's definitely how I feel about CS Sketches!! :)

  2. Kristine I hope you enjoy your time off, spoil yourself. We will all be here when you are ready to come back!

  3. Have a great time off. Don't over think though or it wont be a holiday. Everyone will still be here I'm sure. Why????? Because it's you. We love you and your sketches. You are one awesome lady and I don't think you have to change anything. It's great just like it is. It's Creative Scrappers and you are Kristine Davidson. Big Hugs luv and see you when you are ready to come back. XX

  4. Enjoy some well deserved you time! Your fans will all be here when you're ready to return!!!!

  5. What an amazing work you have done and wow sketch number 250! Hope you will return soon after a well deserved vacation! I´m proud to have had the honor to be part of the team! Hugs!


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