Thursday, October 18, 2012

She Has Dreams

Do you remember when you were a bit younger ... when someone asked you " What do you want to be when you grow up?" Did you have an answer? Maybe a doctor, hairdresser, or Car Washer?! ... I remember thinking I wanted to be an Airline Ticket Agent .. the one that takes your boarding pass before you get on an aircraft.. and it had to be Delta Airlines ! LOL.. yup, that was me! ...

My little niece Megan LOVES animals and has told me on several occaisions she wants to take care of animals and wants an animal school! .. I love the dreams she has and decided to create a page with just that.

This is a pic of her laying in the grass ... and maybe dreaming just a little bit!
I used several Left Over pieces of Lilybee Design for this page and honestly ... i wasn't sure what i was doing! I know that layering is too much fun and really hides mistakes well! ;-)

I used Stephanie's Little Whimsies on this page ... the little green bird and yellow flower! Love her little pins. I don't use them often on pages, i just like collecting them but these were perfect for my page .

Thanks for stopping by today, and hopefully you feel inspired to create using  your left overs ;-)

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