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Crop & Create - Ottawa


Last weekend I was lucky enough to head out to Ottawa with my bestie Stephanie to participate in a weekend event hosted by Catherine from Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine -- with an amazing event called " Crop & Create ". This event is hosted several times per year in different cities and provinces so everyone can participate!!! With this event comes some of the industries best and most awesome designers! ( personality and creativity! ).

Thursday morning Stephanie and I headed out to Ottawa to check in to our hotel and scoot out to IKEA! My first visit I must add. I spent a few bucks but nothing drastic since I didn't have a TRUCK or 18 Wheeler with me! So, i bought a few things and was able to enjoy some Swedish meatballs. Um, no dissing IKEA but I think my hubby makes better Meatballs ... ;-D The Fries were awesome!

Friday morning we got ready and met up with ROSA from Gabry Road. Rosa was nice enough to greet us and take us to the Multi Crafts Scrapbook Warehouse.. All i can say is " WOW!" Yup, i spent a few bucks and Stephie did too ;-)  -- THANK YOU ROSA! xox

After our Adventure to Multi - we picked up Nicole Nowosad at the airport.. I've been friends ( online ) with Nicole for several years now and just now do we get to meet in person. We were both a bit nervous cause ... we really didn't KNOW each other. You know those quirky things we do, or how we act in public!!!

About 2 minutes of giving her hugs I knew we'd be great friends in real life as well. Nicole is a sweetie poo... if you know me and stephanie .. she's like both of us combined in one.

 Does that make sense!?

We participated in Kelly Purkey's stamp class, did a few make n' takes and ya enjoyed some YUMMY Deserts from the Crop Desert bar. Never disappoints!

Saturday ... a long day!
First off, no coffee shop open at 830am... in our hotel. And Nicole and I were Teachers' Assistant for Vicki Boutin's ' BOOT CAMP Class! ...  Wow that chick is amazing and is FULL of knowledge! She is for sure my inspiration! If you ever.. EVER have a chance to take one of her classes... YOU MUST! <<<

Okay, I'm almost done this post... but i have to share a story with you. It's like 3am after a long day a few cranberry and vodka drinks and we're sitting at a table laughing and chatting. I decided to give Nicole a hug and tell her how awesome it was for her to come to Ottawa. In that fraction of a second a bracket from my braces get caught in her sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously...  at that moment it was the FUNNIEST thing I have ever experienced in my life. I was soaked with tears from laughter. Really ..... I cried!
Poor Nicole just sat there laughing and wondering what the heck was going on. In the middle of me being stuck to her sweater my main concern was how expensive was this sweater! ... Oh Nicole I love you girlie! Needless to say I have no MORE Braces! They came off yesterday ;-D

Crop and Create events are probably one of my most favorite ever. It's like Christmas, New Years Eve and Thanksgiving all combined into one weekend. It's learning new techniques, shopping for new scrap supplies, meeting new friends, seeing old friends and just enjoying time together.

 The photobooth is one of my favorites. Man, I laugh so much being goofy!
Some photos I promised I wouldn't post... ;-D

Of course Catherine is santa claus with all her AMAMZING goodies from tons of awesome sponsors such as Bo Bunny, Maya Road, American Crafts, Xyron, Studio Calico and oh so many more~! She Rocks at what she does and really does enjoy seeing everyone attend and have a great ( GREAT ) time!

The Next crop and create event is in Saskatoon , November 9-10. Would you believe Stephanie and I will be attending this one as well!? .. Can't wait!
If you live close by even in the US or close to the area you should seriously consider coming.

Here are more details for the next crop --- and check to see if They'll be in your location in the near future! CLICK HERE for dates and location.
You'll have a fabulous time and probably get to meet some of your own online besties!

Thank you Catherine and the CC team ( Kelly Perkey, Kelly Goree, Vicki Boutin, Jen Walker  for the long nights of planning and coordinating that goes behind the scenes to create such an event and for making them the most memorable! ...

as the song goes ...

" i've had the time of my life, and i owe it all to you!"

 -- I've never laughed so much!
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