Thursday, January 06, 2011

Altered Tote Bags

I started something a few weeks ago.. maybe months ago I don't remember ... but I've fallen in love with creating these tote bags!!
I get these wonderful tote bags ... fairly inexpensive about 8-16$ each and decorate them with bling and flowers... it's really easy and fun to make.. the only trick is getting good adhesive to stick .. but so far so good... mine have stayed.

A few of these were donated to a high school twirl girl ( that sounds good! hee) doing fundraising for a twirl parade in Florida this February. If you are interested in one of these tote bags and wish to support Emily on her quest to Florida you can CLICK HERE <<< I also have a kit for sale where you can make your own. A few more will be added later ;-) you can check LCOM or my blog for details and of course Emily thanks you for your support.

This last one is my moms.... so not for sale!
Isn't this just lovely? I love them... and working on a Jean Tote bag next!

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