Monday, April 26, 2010

My Week

Well on Monday I was going to be active in my A Week In the Life Challenge..
That lasted a day and a half!
I did manage to take a few pictures .. and really enjoyed the process but after awhile I just seemed to forget about taking pics .. maybe another week i'll be able to complete a 7 day journal.

Here are a few to share with you --

Me .. on Tuesday I just bought a new scarf and really enjoy wearing it
.. it's kind of a safety blanket or to hide my boobs!
It's also unedited!
I have a zit and my eyebrows need waxing ;-)

i do like my new haircut ... i can wear it curly or straigth.

The Weather ... In Celsius not Fahrenheit!

My box of goodies arrived from my favorite Scrap Store!
I am in love with these papers and hopefully in the next day or two i'll be able to enjoy them! Included in this... the new
Girls Paperie !!! BEAUTIFUL!

Another Picture of me on Monday .
Playing in the mirror trying to get some sort of a shot of me and my camera.

Our Dear kitty enjoying nap tap on our bed.
He's so comfy there with the sun shinning on him.

My facebook page!
I am on the computer way too much.

The recycle bag. Our Plastics, Metal and Milk jugs. We really do recycle quite a bit. We have about 1 -2 bags of plastics per week. We also recycle paper and cardboard as well as all my scrapbook scraps/ plastics etc. We also compost our food scraps, leaves and garden stuff.

I did end up working 1 overnight shift out of 3. Thursday I got an earlier shift which was nice but Friday I did work 930pm-530am. It was good at work, nice and quit in the office but at about 4am my brain stopped. I started a migraine and was a hurting unit till about 4-5 pm on Saturday. I called in Sick for Saturday Night and went to bed at about 10pm.

Sunday was a nice sunny day. Steve and I enjoyed some gardening and a Bud Light Lime on our Adirondack chairs. Something we enjoy immensely! We have great conversation, watch our kitty play in the grass and garden and listen to the birds.

Steve started a new job this week. He's traveling to and from Moncton for training ( about 1hr15min twice a day. It's something he's really not use to but it's only for the next 2 weeks.) After which the new store opens here in Saint John. He's so happy and excited to be on this new venture and so am I.

To end the week I completed another blog banner.
Not sure if i like it but i will leave it there for 24 hour and then decide ;-)
Nope- didn't like it ;-)

That's my week!
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