Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Cute Kitty!

Well yesterday was a good day for my Week In the Life Challenge. I took about 106 pictures. Some were so so and others were okay. Photos of stuff I would never consider taking .. such as our recycling bins, my coffee cup, and even myself with a camera!

Today was a different story. I took about 25 photos and took a nap! It was a lazy day for me today as I am getting ready for my overnight shifts I feel shitty! Really? I am too old and lazy to stay up all night .... The only time I would even consider staying up all night ( or Atleast till 2am) would be when I'm scrappin... so this has me all in a tuff! .. Sigh!
Anyhow, I did take some pictures and probably will be scrappin them but to finish this Week In the Life Challenge... might be another story... We shall see.

I leave you with a photo of my cute Kitty !
He's so photogenic! Loves the Camera.. and would you believe me if i said every time he hears the camera click he changes his head position !!! Like a little kitty SuperModel! hahahah!!!!

That's all for today!
I am off to watch LOST.
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