Saturday, June 06, 2009

Today's News!


I was on facebook last night and saw this post from the Lilypad about the new June BYOC ... and I had to have it! New Digital Elements .. and of course that brings a new Blog Banner and Background. I think I needed something orange and vibrant.. I love it! ... this something else comes along!!! hahaha..

So a few weeks ago i posted a little Rak for a Sears Card.. The Winner is ..
Jennifer said...

Cool! I need some new spatulas....

Congrats to you Jennifer, please email me your address so i can send you a gift card!!! K


Other than that.. no scrappy news.. I've been busy in the garden with hubby.. we moved a few barberries, rose bush, hostas, and well... lots more to do!

I do have a sussies kit waiting for me on my desk, and hopefully i'll be able to tackle that tonight when the hockey game is on for hubby! { GO PENGUINS GO!}

I am planning on cleaning my scrap room this week... so i'll have a few goodies up for grabs at a good price! .. If you need anything make sure you come back and check out my goodies! My paper at 25cents and grab bags to go!!!

It's sunny here today and probably 75 degrees so will be a fabulous day to play outside!
I am almost done my tea... and the plants are needing some water. Eddie has already been out twice today... since 7am. He loves the outdoors... the birds chirping and squirrels running around - his fav place! .. O Speaking of birds... we have a crows nest up in the backyard. It looks like a mother and her new borns, but can't really tell. I know that they are soooooooooo protective. They attacked a squirrel yesterday, Chased it all over the backyard, up and down a tree, nasty! Steve wasn't happy and ran out to save the squirrell... I called him Dr. Doolittle cause he was talking to the squirly making sure it was ok!!! That's My Man!

So I went to weigh in on Thursday and well... i didn't lose anything this week. I didn't count my points for 2 days and well... that's my mistake. I am back on track and hopefully this week I will meet my 5% goal ... let's hang in there right?! I can't give up.. so gotta keep going!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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