Friday, June 26, 2009

Ding Ding, Weigh In!

Alright, I will be the first to admit that I haven't kept track of " all " my points this week ... and well the results came this am when I stepped on the scale! I feel great, a don't feel bloated but .... i did gain 1.8 pounds this week.

I think it's the 4 margaritas and 2 glasses of wine I had on Wednesday !!! Hubby and I were enjoying our day off and first sunny day in 5 days and well.... we had drinks and enjoyed a steak, and um... ya! I think my 1 glass of margarita is probably equal to 3 glasses Weight Watchers Style!! ... so yes being on holidays is really not good for the waist line. But I am still keeping track and hopefully next week those pounds will be gone! Sigh .... it's sooooo not easy!

I am packing for a 12 hour crop tomorrow >.. WOOP WOOP!!! should be fun! My scrap buddy Stephie and I will be leaving the city tomorrow morning at 730am for a 1 hour drive east and enjoying a full day of scrappin fun with the GONE WILD crew! I haven't packed my scrap supplies yet ... but printing a few sketches and layouts I love to get some inspriation.

I enjoyed the day with hubby today ... sitting outside in the sun and yes .............. I got my hammock today! The one from last year was getting old and it ripped and finally .... we got a new one today from Wicker Emporium!

It was the last one there and on sale.... woohoooo!!!
it's awesome.. so colorful and I even took a little 10 min nap in it today. I love my hammock! For some reason the sound of the leaves in our trees and the shades makes me sleep like a baby!

We are searching for DT members at Creative Scrappers ... In case you are interested click here for more info! or email me!!

That's all for today! Hopefully I can share a few layouts with you on Sunday!
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