Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Happy Mail Day!

Don't you love days when the mailman rings your doorbell ?! I always have to hurry up and find a half decent shirt cause i am always in my comfy clothes, sweat pants, tshirt with glue smeared all over it.. oh my!
Ding Dong, the bells rings and I got boxes ... yes! I love boxes!
Just arrived, the new Pink Paislee Fetching papers for our Creative Kits, Scrapbook Sussies May DT Kit, MME Donation for our Crop, and also a MME Package for an order I placed last week .... and 2 more boxes arriving tomorrow .... oh ... goodies!

Here is our May Kit for Scrapbook Sussies. How delicious this is! I love it, I love the papers and the great embellies Lara put together this month.

Did you know Scrapbook Sussies has a blog now?! YES.... Come Join Us and Add yourself as a follower!! I can't wait to play with this kit!

We are getting ready for our Birthday Bash at Creative Scrappers
.... our calendar is posted with our upcoming activities- hopefully you can join us!

On another note...
I went for a haircut yesterday. It had been a few week since I have anxiety about getting my haircut! ( my fav hairdresser retired!) So, i called and made an appointment with let's say " wendy ". I have no idea who she is and decided to just go for it. I get there and well " Wendy " is stuck with someone else so " Maggie " gets to do my hair. Maggie is an older lady, nice hair so i thought maybe she was experienced and was good at cutting hair. .... oh my.

I sat in the chair to get my hair washed and was immediately in SHOCK! I litteraly felt like she was washing some old ragg in the sink, Scalding hot water and barely rinsed the soap from the right side of my head. One RUFF cookie! I figured well .. maybe she's in a hurry to wash my hair cause someone needs the sink..

I sit down to have my hair combed and Ms Ruff starts pulling my hair asking me why i let it grow so long. That it should be a bit shorter.. I said yes, it's long and just kept quiet. I hate where this hair cut is going. During my " stay " in this chair she answered the phone 3 times leaving me in limbo.. waiting ( which I hate! ) and also about 2 times to turn her back on me and talk to a co worker about another client. I dont know about you, but i am really picky on customer service. If i am paying you 35$ for a hair cut .. i want some attention. She pushed my head back and forth so many times i thought i was gonna have a migraine when i left this salon.

Anyhow, my hair is not what i wanted, this chick was way too RUFF and I have crocked bangs and a haircut i hate... again! I really need a good hairdresser ... and my hubby said I should have told her she was FREAKING RUFF! But me, I kept my mouth shut, and I probably won't be back! ...

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