Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pyjama Party!

yup, that's what I am having today ... a Pyjama Party. Who's invited... ME only! I am sick, my throat feels like someone is having a bonfire in it at my expense. I coughed all night - and got out of bed at 5am. Mr. Buckleys is not helping me right now!!! I finished a bottle already and still no sign of relief. Doctor says stay home from work for 3 days and get some rest. I wonder how I'm suppose to get some rest when all I do is cough and swallow.
I've been sleeping with a halls in my mouth, but I am terrified if I swallow this yummy cherry flavored remedy that I'll choke to death in my sleep!!!

So, today I am relaxing and playing around online with my hourly cup of lemon tea or echinechea tea or neocitron, and chicken soup. It's Christmas in only ... 4 days !!! I have nothing done!!! HELP! ... I guess it doesn't pay to leave things at the last minute! But i do have a list .. all i need is the size to be available! ... and of course I hope to feel better for a few festivities.

That's my party....

I created another blog banner this morning at 6am!!
Seems to be something I enjoy doing in the weee hours of the morning...

Chow for now
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