Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Extravaganza!

Our Christmas Day Adventures! Where to start..?

Mom`s Christmas Tree-

Well Hubby and I left on Dec 23rd to visit my family in Northern New Brunswick. The sun was shinning, the car packed, and we are ready for a 3 1/2hour drive up north. We arrived at about 6pm with mom greeting us with a home baked Salmon Pie, Fiddleheads and mashed pototoes... mm I love mom's cooking! After dinner Steve and I visited my sister and her hubby. Little Miss Megan was in bed fast asleep but Little Miss Marissa was still awake. So nice to see them ... they grow fast!

Christmas Eve Day ... My sister comes to wake us up at about 930am ... as Steve and I were enjoying a lazy morning.. We chatted for about 1 hour about life and Christmas past. Steve and I got ready to bring some gifts to her house. As we arrive Miss Megan greets us at the door with a warm smile... she's really precious! I had my two arms full of gifts and as she backed up to let us in she took a SERIOUS flip and hit the floor face first bumpin her head really hard on the hard wood floor! OH MY.... it hurt Me more than her I think. She hit the floor so hard it made a loud noise... so not taking any chances we brought her to the emergency room for xrays and evaluation. Poor thing.... I was sooo sad. Everything turned our well, so off we went to my mother's for turkey dinner. We were about 10 of us. Mom never disapoints with her amazing TURKEY, STUFFING and all the fixings! YUMMMMY!!! Yup.. I had my share and a few glasses of wine later too...

Steve and Miss Marissa being goofy!

Christmas Eve, all adults opened gifts, had some drinks and enjoyed the company of family.
I was fortunate to receive cash for a new CANON LENS ... that I will hopefully be able to get tomorrow and also some Frying Pans from Paderno. These are the BOMB! My Sister, Steve and I went to church for midnight mass and got to bed at about 130am.

Christmas Day the phone rings at about 8am ... Yup Little Miss Marissa calling to let us know Santa came with presents! So we all got up, some with a bit of a hangover, but everyone was up to enjoy the girls open gifts. Tons Tons Tons of clothes, Baby Alive and of course Crayalo Fun Kits. What a wonderful Christmas!

Marissa Opening the first of few gifts!

Megan sitting on dad`s lap. She was there for about 2hours just playing around enjoying some time with her grandfather... not sure if you can see the huge bruise on her forehead!

Steve and I got home on Christmas Night and enjoyed some time watching Christmas movies.
The only thing I am really disappointed with is my photos! I took tons of pictures, but because it was so dark in the house they pretty much all turned out " Bla" looking! So, I am sorry to say I have no fabulous pictures to showcase!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
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