Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend is Over!

oh Time flies when you are having fun! I was home for 2 days ... Sat/ Sun and completely enjoyed my time off. I finished 4 layouts and I finally feel like I got my MOJO back! Thank Goodness!!!

I actually stayed up really late last night, Hubby and i watched a movie " Hancock " with Will Smith. It wasn't his best movie that's for sure, but it was ok. Not one i would highly recommend but it was worth sitting down for 2 hours in front of the tv. After the movie at about 130am I still had a bit of energy so i sat and scrapbooked till um.. 340am !!! yikes! I can truly admit that I get creative past midnight!

Hubby and I woke up at about 1230pm and then were super lazy all day. I didn't even do laundry or make the bed!!! Stayed in our jammies all day and relaxed. We actually had a dinner date but decided to stay home instead and go out next Sunday Night. We have a gift certificate that expires and must use it by nov 16th. Can you tell we don't go out to eat much??! Hubby is such a good cook that it's hard to validate spending 60$ on a meal .... but we will next weekend.

I have another long week of working 530pm -2 am this week... and a crop to attend on Saturday! YOUPEEEEEEEEEE!!! I really am excited about going ... it's been ages since i've attended a crop and this will be fun. Stephie and I will be doing some cards, and probably a mini album as well. I can't make cards for 10 hours .. i would go crazy! Can't wait!

I will be posting sneak peeks of my layouts tomorrow since they won't be posted on the Scrapbook Sussies site till a bit later.. Once they are revealed on the site i will be able to upload them here... stay tuned!

alright. ...
it's time for bed!

Chow for now
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