Friday, August 01, 2008

A business, A DT and New Addiction!

Howdy Blog Readers!

A few things to share with you tonight and I am sooooooooo excited!
First off, I can finally announce that I have made a new Design Team! Yes.... Scrapbook Sussies! I am so excited about this... they have yummy kits!!! I can't wait to play with the first kit ... thank you LARA!!!! Can't wait! Take a peek at the site ... and see what a Sussie is !!!! What a great story behind the name.

Secondly, I can finally say that I am officially a Business Owner! Why did I wait soo long?? Why did I encourage everyone else to be a business Owner and Not Myself!? Why didn't I do this 3 years ago when I had the dream?! Anyway.... Today... August 1st 2008 ... I can officially say I own a business called Creative Scrappers! I actually got my first Wholesale account and looking forward to many more!

Creative Scrappers will be an online store for Project Kits, and Layout Kits ... and maybe other kits as time goes on. I have plans to sell to my kits to stores, and also for instructors who need help with class projects or ideas! Something fun and already created - Just Cut and Paste!! This will be fantastic for all of you who love scrapbooking but can never find the time!

I currently have a blog with some information at Creative Kits .. but that will change in the next few days with a new store online.

I want to work with all my favorite scrappers who love creating mini albums and also store owners who need a few ideas and class projects.
I am soooooooooo looking forward to this !!!!
Thirdly... I am addicted to Blog Banners! Yes,, Yes I am !
I have created a few in the past few days... and really enjoying it!

here are a few....

Aren't these cute!!! I love them... I still need a bit of practice but it's so fun!!

That's all I have to share with you today! Talk soon!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your new business Kristine! I know you'll be awesome at it. Looking forward to getting some of you kits :)


  2. Félicitation Kritine! It's great that you will be a business owner! BTW, I love your banner. You should give your readers (and that includes myself) a tutorial on how you do it.

  3. Congrats Kristine - sounds like a great new adventure!!

  4. WOW that is so exciting Kristine!! CONGRATS to you and wishing you all the success in the world.

    I finally got my banner up tonight and I LOVE it!!! it's perfect.....Thank-you!!! It's

  5. Well, Congratulations! And, Congratulations! And, Congratulations! WOw! A new DT spot, a new business, and rockin' blog banners! :) So exciting!!

    I totally should have you do a blog banner for me. The one I have now is kind of a snore. Yours are gorgeous!

    You're awesome Kristine!!

  6. Huge congrats to you, my friend! I am so totally excited for you and am here for you if you need anything! And a huge thank you for my awesome blog banner!! I love the new look of my blog!

  7. Big congrats on all fronts Kristine. I love the new headers too! You are on a roll girl!!! WAHOO!!!! Enjoy the ride!

  8. Kristine, many congrats to you for all of your accomplishments! You certainly deserve it. I love your Creative Scrappers website!

  9. Yay Kristine! Congrats on officially being a business owner- have fun with it! And congrats as well on the new DT, I'll have to head on over and check it out!

  10. Hey Kristine ~ I wanted to add my big hugs and congratulations on the new design team spot and starting your own business!!! All this amazing talent you have is paying off my friend ~ and thanks again for designing me a new banner, I so so love it ~ and it is so me! You rock my friend ~ hugs

  11. Wow Kristine, congrats on all the new adventures you are taking on!

  12. Congrats to you Kristine! Great news!
    Thanks for your kind words about my blog and my work! :)

  13. Congrats K! Welcome to the Sussies team! :) Lara has some really fun kits! Can't wait to see what you do with them! :)


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