Wednesday, March 08, 2017

OMG | Simple Stories

I had a blast using this EMOJI LOVE collection from Simple Stories. I am sure with today's teens you can come up with your own page using some emojis, screen shots of text messages or facebook chats. Have fun with it!

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The Story:

Guy: Hey Smile!

Girlfriend: Hey Love, Come to a Party with my BFF?

Guy: Yes I would love to party with you.

Girlfriend: YAY! I'm getting ready doing my nails and getting my dancing shoes! Seriously!

Guy: OMG, I have my shades and Vans and good to go!

Girlfriend: ROFL

Guy: Having a snack; fries and pizza. Oops gotta poop! LOL

Girlfriend: OMG Poop? LOL

Guy: That Stinks .. WOW

Girlfriend: LOL Awkward!

Guy: Kisses!

Thank you so much for reading
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