Wednesday, June 01, 2016

You Are My Happy | Jillibean Soup

I really love creating cards. I do find that it takes me longer to create a card then it does a layout! Seriously. I can spend about 2 hours creating a card.... and sometimes a layout takes me the same amount of time. I fuss and question everything i do when i create a card. I am not sure why... but i do.
I guess that makes them even more special right ? ;)

Here is a card I created for Jillibean Soup - You Are My Happy ;)

Jillibean Soup
Patterned Paper: Healthy Hello Soup/Hint of Hello, Cup of Ciao, Bite Size Bits
Coordinating Stickers: Healthy Hello Soup
Pea Pod Parts: Healthy Hello Soup

Other: twine


thanks so much for reading today!

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