Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Guest Blogger | Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine

I was a guest blogger for the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine yesterday! I always get nervous talking about myself or things I like, I'm not sure why! It's like a little piece of me that I have a hard time with. I don't like bragging about myself or making myself more important than others. I am grateful for the talent or gift that I have of Being Creative and think everyone has a bit of that hidden in them.

I created 2 layouts for the feature using Simple Stories.
The first layout is called Blessed - and features the NEW I AM collection. This is for sure one of my favorite Simple Stories collections. I think I've created 4-6 layouts already with this collection and it never gets old. LOVE IT!

 My sewing machine is giving me a hard time.. getting stuck in places and not performing well... It's about 20 years old, maybe she needs to retire!

 Yes, I was told by someone that I wasn't very ' Patient ' that's why I have a smiley face next to I am Patient! ;-)))


This is my second layout called Dream - My little nephew sitting on the couch all comfy and cozy. His little hands under his chin. He's probably dreaming of something .. not sure what that might be but I'm sure it's filled with cupcakes and candies! ;-) 

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