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Life Documented August 2012 | Simple Stories

Life Documented post using the NEW Good Day Sunshine Collection

This spread uses photos from the month of August 2012. It was a bit of a busy month but hubby and I took a week off and enjoyed Las Vegas for the first time. This month will concentrate on this trip.

My first page, i used a 3x4" SN@P! pocket which is fantastic for adding extra journaling, ticket stubs, receipts and more.

I have to showcase my love for a good Tim Horton's Iced Coffee! It makes me happy, it is my go to when I get to work, after shopping, or even for a little ah... moment!

Hubby and I also enjoyed our new outdoor propane fireplace. So clean and easy to use. He won this during a promotion at our local hardware store !

Then Comes our trip to Vegas. Our first time ever. I have a few mini albums of our trip but nothing ever included in a Life Documented Spread.

We have so many photos of this trip and I wanted to include as many as possible in my spread for this month. I added a 4x4 photo flip to add another picture of me enjoying a drink in our room with a view at MGM Grand. Photo Flips are awesome when it comes to adding that extra photo or journaling.. It would be perfect to use on a layout too!

I created this page with more photos and of course I added another photo flip sized 4x6 on the top right!

As you can see adding those photo flips makes it easy to add those extra details in your albums. I added the extra 4x6 pics and then on the other side just finished journaling about our day at the Grand Canyon.

The end of this Life Documented spread focuses on the trip to Vegas since it was also August 31st. This was a simple spread but i shared what was most important to me during this month.

For my Life Documented 2012 album I am using the 6x8 Sn@p! Leather Album in black. The sturdiness, metal corner accents, and stitch details are fantastic features to this album but I really like the fact that it's timeless and because they are so well built will endure the many years to come. This Sn@p! album is so far the best I've been using.

I used a variety of inserts for this month's spread. The Sn@p pocket pages come in a variety that you can add to your album. PERFECT for any project!

Hope you enjoyed my post today! 
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