Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Whole New Doodle | Projects

Good Morning Friends!

I am sharing a new hobby of mine today. In early July (i think) I started a doodle class with Stephanie Ackerman called A Whole New Doodle. I figured I could start doing this at work while waiting for calls or on my breaks. It relaxes and helps me be creative during the day when i need it the most. So I started !!!

I love her classes - Stephanie gives you pdf forms and examples and you work at your own pace. If you've ever wanted to try or just be inspired this is for sure a great class to start. 

So i've been creating a few 3x4" cards for my project life spread and I'm also creating a few cards to share with friends in my Facebook Project Life Card Swap group. ( if you haven't joined us--  Send 50 cards and get 50 cards! )

Here are a few of my cards --
Some are better than others but overall I love them ;-)

Three Houses
( i had this one taped to my inspiration wall
with washi and the top got a bit torn)

In the Valley

3 Houses Down

Apple Field

In the Backyard

Little House of Love

Little Shed

Red Barn

She Wasn't Pretty
Poor lady!
It was my first attempt at a girl --
I kind of messed up her face!!!
But i like her shirt and background so i couldn't just get rid of her!

This is My House

I have 3 cards I'd like to share with you!  Not the ones posted but 3 originals that i'll create for you. Leave me a comment and i'll pick a winner on Friday Morning ;-) 
The Winner will be posted here Kathy Skou ;-)

Thanks for reading today and if you're a doodler i'd love to see your work!  Here is a link to Stephanie's Class list - in case you're interested. 

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