Friday, May 03, 2013

April | Project 365

I've been takinga photo a day since January 2012 and I must say It comes pretty handy when talking about events, or weather!

Here is my update for April 2013 

1. Creative Scrappers April Sketch Challenge is Live
2. Hubby cooked a Beef and Broccoli Dinner for us
3. A Weekly Selfie
4. My Sneak Peek of a Project Life Spread to be featured at Scrapbook & Cards
5. Flying to Winnipeg for the weekend, Enjoyed Business Class!
6. Meeting some new friends at Crop & Create
7. Shopping for the day and a pit stop at Ikea
8. Flying back home, landing in Toronto
9. Our Backyard, raining again!
10. I'm featured at Scrapbook & Cards as a guest blogger
11. Selfie in the car on the way to work
12. Another Selfie, I like this one ;-P
13. Visiting my niece and taking her to the Clay Cafe for the day
14. Making funny faces with my nieces before my departure
15. Sitting with hubby enjoying the weather and beautiful view
16. Weather forcart
17. Eddie taking a nap on our bed
18. A Selfie of Hubby and I outside
19. A Test drive of our new vehicle - Mitsubishi Outlander
20. I'm off to Halifax to spend the weekend with Stephanie
21. Stephanie and Ralphie being cuddled!
22. - I'll leave this blank...
23. Hubby drives away with his new wheels
24. Weather shot for the week
25. Hubby and I get ready for our weekend away
26. In Toronto for the weekend, view of the CN Tower
27. We are at an NHL Game - Toronto vs Montreal
28. Having lunch at the Montreal Airport
29. Eddie getting spanked and loving it!
30. Back to work after a great vacation

That's my April !
Have you started Project 365? I use an app exactly called Project 365 - I mentioned it a few months ago. Did you start? it's really not that complicating - especially with an iphone!

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend celebrating National Scrapbook Day!

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