Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project LIfe | Up to Feb 9

Project Life is in Full Force again this week!
I tried a little less turquoise this week! I focused more on my pictures and added simple journal cards. That won't be every week cause i do love the color, but this week is a bit more simple for me.

This week February 3- February 9th
  • is about eddie getting tons of new healthy treats ( grain free, pure protein, no wheat or gluten ) He LOVES Benny Bullys! Seriously if you have a cat or dog try these!!!
  • Hubby had a bit of an accident at work. He was trying to resolve a flooding issue in the office and inhaled some fiberglass insulation. So he's on antibiotics and puffer for a bit. 
  • The Canadian Penny is no longer in circulation -- so those jars of pennies won't be any longer ... that's sad cause forever it was good luck to find a penny.. i guess now that means a little bit more! 
  • I got a new CPAP Machine to help me breathe at night and hopefully help my sleep apnea. So far I LOVE IT! I feel so much better, more energy,and less tired during the day. 
  • on the weekend I was suppose to head out to a crop and create event in Ontario, but that didn't happen. My morning flight was sold out, ( the joys of travelling standby!) and my afternoon flight was cancelled so that plan got cancelled. I stayed home, and relaxed a bit... shoveled the driveway with hubby and he tought me how to use the snowblower.. it was a good week !

Thanks for dropping by today!

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