Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project LIfe | Up to Feb 9

Project Life is in Full Force again this week!
I tried a little less turquoise this week! I focused more on my pictures and added simple journal cards. That won't be every week cause i do love the color, but this week is a bit more simple for me.

This week February 3- February 9th
  • is about eddie getting tons of new healthy treats ( grain free, pure protein, no wheat or gluten ) He LOVES Benny Bullys! Seriously if you have a cat or dog try these!!!
  • Hubby had a bit of an accident at work. He was trying to resolve a flooding issue in the office and inhaled some fiberglass insulation. So he's on antibiotics and puffer for a bit. 
  • The Canadian Penny is no longer in circulation -- so those jars of pennies won't be any longer ... that's sad cause forever it was good luck to find a penny.. i guess now that means a little bit more! 
  • I got a new CPAP Machine to help me breathe at night and hopefully help my sleep apnea. So far I LOVE IT! I feel so much better, more energy,and less tired during the day. 
  • on the weekend I was suppose to head out to a crop and create event in Ontario, but that didn't happen. My morning flight was sold out, ( the joys of travelling standby!) and my afternoon flight was cancelled so that plan got cancelled. I stayed home, and relaxed a bit... shoveled the driveway with hubby and he tought me how to use the snowblower.. it was a good week !

Thanks for dropping by today!


  1. I'm very impressed that you're keeping up with PL...I still haven't even done my December Daily...thinking 2013?

  2. Your just keeping up Kristine.. your my inspiration! I love that you were out using the snowblower.. what a fun photo!

  3. Love the photo with the snow blower!


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