Saturday, January 19, 2013

Project Life - Up to Jan 14

It's my first year designing a Project Life Album. I'm really looking forward to it and quite enjoying the process. I'm actually thinking of going back to 2012 and starting an album of its own.

My process isn't detailed, it isn't documenting every single day, it's not being pressured into completing or falling behind. it's more of just documenting what i feel is important. I will document the good, the bad and the ugly... that's life right? but I am not going to pressure myself in documenting by weeks.. but more by a bulk of days.

Here is what i did for this first batch of pages..

My Cover --
Shows hubby and I, our location in New Brunswick, our home, and our kitty!

My First Week is December 30- January 5th 2013
we got a major snow storm this week, I took my paint supplies and created a few she girls, I also prepared for Project Life, got a new printer and on the weekend I took my niece to a clay cafe to paint some pieces for her mom and dad.

The Following week I did go to LAX with a friend and thought that's what i want to document this week -- January 11-14
We flew to LAX, went to CHA, then on Sunday got a full day tour of Los Angeles.
I have a few more pictures i'd like to include in this spread so i'll add some 4x4 instagram pics in another photo sleeve.

That's my PL for this week. Seriously, if you haven't started this yet... what a process! It's sooo much fun and i love going back and looking at what we did, and so much more. It was really awesome chatting with Ali Edwards about her project life and how she LOVES this documenting procress... certainly got me motivated.
It's also a great way to use up all those diecuts you've been collecting over the years!

I do participate in the Studio Calico Project Life Kit - but not because I have to. I have gotten tons of FREE stuff online, and also purchased a few from Digital Scrapbook Stores and from Findingnana, Evalicious, In a Creative Bubble, and Hello Forever.

If you'd like to start - get yourself an album 12x12 and some photo sleeves.
You can find more info about this from Becky Higgins by CLICKING HERE!

Thanks for dropping by today!

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