Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cute Little Dude & Typepad

Did you read my post yesterday about my love for Macho Nacho?! Well today is no exception! I created another layouts last night using this awesome Jillibean collection -- when i finished i looked at it and realized it's pretty close to the one i created 2 nights ago ;-) I've been creating girlie pages for the past few years with the occasional kitty page, so creating for my little nephew is encouraging me to create manly/ boy pages.

Here's a look at --- Cute Little Dude! Isn't he cute?! ;-))


Well yesterday I started playing around TYPEPAD, and seeing if i could do a few edits to their templates... so i could " decorate " a few Typepad blogs.. I managed to learn a few things thanks to Google... and from a plain page this is what i ended up with..

I am able to edit to 2 columns, or 3 and also create banners/ backgrounds/ and a few sidebar items. I haven't mastered the signature or post separator yet but i'm sure i can find out how. So, if you have a TYPEPAD blog and wish to get a makeover ... i'll take 10$ off my regular price of 40$ plus your kit! For a limited time only ... until July 5th. CLICK here to register your blog and i'll get started on your makeover ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, i do enjoy your visits ;-)

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