Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amy's New Blog!

WOW! I think I am getting a bit of mojo back! It's been ages since I've created, and perhaps the colder weather and shorter days has something to do with my creative juices! I finished a blog makeover for Amy yesterday. Poor girl has been waiting months/weeks for her new blog.
The final outcome turned out pretty good, I love her cupcakes and the colors ;-)

Thank you AMY for giving me this opportunity and being so patient xx

-- as for scrappyness.... well I haven't created a layout since the last crop I attended ... that was when? mm... i think June! Craziness.... Although this weekend is a crop weekend for myself and a few scrappy friends Marielle, Zoe and Stephanie... I can't wait ! I haven't packed yet but I hope to get a few NEW photos printed and play with some new stash of papers!!!!

Oh yeah and I got braces! YUP.. i did. I've been having issues with my jaw lately - getting headaches and TMJ issues so this is after massage therapy, physiotherapy and a bite plate. So let's hope I get some relief with a fixed cross bite ;-)

Yup, it's mashed potatoes, Jello, Pudding, and scrambled eggs for a few weeks until I get used to the wires but so far it's been okay. Painful for my first week but this week isn't too bad.

Anyhoo that's my update for you today. I hope my next post will consist of a few layouts ;-)
Thanks for visiting and not deleting me from your Blog Reader ;-))

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