Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Update...

Remember a few weeks ago I blogged about my cat Eddie not feeling well and being diagnosed with Diabetes... I really was devastated, and so scared to say the least. Well this is an update....

The first week of August Eddie was diagnosed with Diabetes, to take 2 units of insulin twice a day. Something normal for diabetic cats, We also changed his diet to dry cat food for diabetics.

- we went home and did just that ... insulin and new cat food. Eddie was not feeling well - drinking way too much water and in 6 months lost 8 pounds.
- 14 days later as requested by the vet we went in for a Blood Glucose Reading, - showing 10mmgl
which is not too bad, but to remain on the same Rx - 2 units twice a day.
- Eddie is still drinking way too much water and I am freaking out!!!!

-- another 7 days goes by and i need to see the Vet to get another Reading for his glucose. Eddie is at 18mmgl --- that is um.. high. so Doctor says go to 3 units twice a day. Ok... i am a little skeptical but certainly accept the advice
-- same dry food, high numbers of blood glucose... too much . I am not happy and something is not right. I read online at and search for answers, what could be wrong, why is eddie not getting better, why are his numbers so high. I am frustrated beyond belief and I think I cried the entire Altantic Ocean out of my eyes....

Friday Oct 1st, i called for an appointment to get his blood glucose tested again.
I have done some research and just begging for someone to magically appear and tell me what can i do... what can i do to make this better. I cannot give up .. it is my kitty .... I cannot imagine having kids.. i think i would go crazy bonkers!

I go to bed Sunday night Oct 3 and lay there...crying .. sobbing and out loud I ask ...
(i do believe in God, but I do not pray often, and maybe i should... but ) out loud I ask...
Dear god, i don't ask for many things or many miracles but i need one now. i need some help, i need to know that Eddie will be okay... i need your help ... and please let me know that Eddie will be fine.....

about 10 minutes later Eddie climbs on top of me on the bed and begs to come under the covers with me. he rarely does this and quite special for me... makes me feel like a cat mommy ;-) ... and he lays there with me for about 15 minutes purring and then leaves. I seriously felt like he answered me... in a strange way.

Monday night Oct 4th we have a Vet appointment ... but the regular Vet is on vacation so this is a new Vet from out of town. about 1.5 hours away .. she is here replacing the vet on vacation. She actually has a daughter that has diabetes... wow what a coincidence. We got the change to sit and chat with her for almost 1 hour.... really does that happen at a doctors office... or a vet office... no it doesnt. She took the time to teach us so much and to validate everything i was reading online for the past few weeks. Diabetic cats do better on a good low carb diet with wet food ...

..... since Oct 4 Eddie has been eating PURINA DM for diabetic cats going from 3units x2 insulin to 2units x1 then 1unit x1 and today ...... OFF insulin. His Blood Glucose numbers are steady between 4.5 - 4.8 throughout the day which is pretty good for a diabetic cat..

here is a chart in case you want to read more...

so, Eddie will have to be monitored for the next month or so to make sure he is doing ok and his blood glucose levels are consistent or alteast not far from normal. I take a deep breath ....
I thank this VET everyday for changing our kitties life. For making it better.... and keeping him here a little bit longer with us. Believing that God does answer prayers...

the past couple of weeks have been STRESSFUL but i learned a lot...

I would say the moral of my post today is ....
Believe, and get a second opinion if you think the first one is not right.

man, i love my cat!


  1. I'm so happy for you and Eddie! I know he is your little treasure - so glad that you have some good news for him.

  2. i am so glad he doing much better! I am kitty mother to two cats, and I don't know what I would do if I lost one!

  3. Big, giant hugs to you cutie and to big Eddie !!!!

  4. Ah ya, I'm hear to tell you that prayer works! Good news for you and Eddie.I hope he keeps on getting better.

  5. I am so happy your kitty is doing better!!!! Such good news!! I miss my kitty. She would of been 19 on 10/10. We had to put her down in May. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. I am truly so happy that Eddie is much much better!!!! :)

  6. You are a great cat mommy.. good for you for getting that second opiniona and that Eddie is doing so much better too!!!

  7. I agree with Nicole. Great Cat Mommy.. happy that Eddie is doing good! You too! :)

  8. So Happy to hear this and you are a great Kitty Mommy!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  9. Glad to hear that Eddie is doing better! What a sweet vet!!! :)


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