Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poor Kitty!

Well today was Eddie's yearly visit to the Vet.
Time for yearly vaccines, de-worming, and Flea treatment. Steve went downstairs to get his kennel and the minute Steve walked upstairs with it- Eddie was NOT HAPPY! It's amazing how cats know when something is going on. We didn't tell him he was going to the Vet's today so he wasn't too thrilled about it. It took a few minutes to get him in the kennel and the entire ride ( about 7 minutes ) he meowed and scratched at his kennel.. so sad.

Once we arrived - it's weigh in ... 16.8lbs! Quite a bit kitty says the vet! So i asked if we should put him on some diet and the Vet says No.. he's just a bit kitty cat and muscular. - that's my Cat! :-)

So a positive check up - no problems swallowing his deworm pill, got his vaccine, great results for bladder, lungs an heart but his gums were a little bloody and dirty. So after 9 years of no dental work we decided to have them cleaned and looked after since they were a little bloody. We paid our bill $136.00 and made an appoitment for tomorrow morning. I politely ask .. how much for teeth cleaning and such .. um starting at 280$ ... I think my facial expression must of said " HOLY SHIT! " but we knew we had insurance that will cover most of these costs so Steve said Do It.

Did you know they give them a sedative and then have them on an IV for a few hours? Poor Eddie. He's alseep right now and so drowsy after his vaccine, I feel so bad for bringing him tomorrow for dental work - but I know he needs it. Poor little man is gonna be sleepy and sad tomorrow ....


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