Friday, October 02, 2009

Pet Tags

It's reveal day for me at
I am happy to report that I will be playing with some Cosmo Cricket this month and next!

My first page is of Eddie and his pet tags.

Early morning or late afternoon Eddie usually wants to go outside to do his daily duties and observe our surroundings to protect us from Mice, Birds, Squirrels and Bugs. Before he gets to go out we make sure his collar with pets tags are on. He hates it, but after 8 years he understands that when the collar is on, he gets to go outside.
After an hour or so hubby and / or myself yell out the patio door ... BZ ... Buzz Buzz and we see him running from behind the shed or from the trees in the backyard. ... we hear this jingle jingle from his tags as he runs up the stairs to the door... I love seeing his cute little face.. then of course he gets tons of treats cause he's been a good boy! Collar then comes off cause he's inside and he gets a snack and nap .. until he's ready to go out again the next day!

His Pet Tags have his name, my name and our address and phone number. He also has his Town license meaning he's been given his yearly rabies vaccine.

With this page, I distressed the edges and added some Glossy Accent on my alphas.

Can you tell we love our kitty? he is sooo spoiled but really he loves having his photo taken. See him posing in this picture?? ya... he loves it!

Interested in getting Pet Tags for your furry friend ... CLICK HERE!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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