Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ding, Ding. Weigh In!

I am beginning to like Thursdays!
I got weighed this morning.... and yup, I am down another 2.0 pounds which gives me a total of 5.4 pounds lost.. WOOT WOOT! another 6.6 pounds to go before i get my 5% goal. It's going great so far ... my meals consist of lots of fruit with yogurt, tons of veggies with chicken and i have been eating salads with tons of goodies in them like strawberries or bacon bits!
No donuts, no cookies, no chocolate bars and imagine .............. NO ICE CREAM! But i did enjoy a treat on Mother's Day ( from Eddie! ) a DQ Blizzard... but i had the spare points so I could.

i found these great sites that has tons of Weight Watchers info, meals etc..

I worked about 7 days straight this week which I think is a record for me! Usually after 2 days at work I am ready for a day off... but i did it. Now I can enjoy 6 days off! I'll be heading North about 3 hours to visit my sister, mom , dad and of course my nieces. That means PHOTO TIME!!! I hope they don't mind if i take 300 pictures LOL!!! ahhaha... poor girls. But we can make it fun right???

I also will be listing my mini albums .... i have way tooo many! From Classes, To Projects, To Creating Mini albums i really need to get rid of some... I am sure someone could use them as class projects, store samples, or ideas.... either way I NEED to get rid of them!
So, I will be posted them in the online store
if you are interested.... please please purchase ! hahahah!!! Shipping Charges will be 5$ FLAT instead of 9$ .. the minis are ready for you to ADD photos and give as gifts or keep...

I hope you have a fabulous week and weekend.
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