Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Good Deed today?!

What a great day today was ....
First I had the day off.. so immediately upon waking up I am in a good mood !!!
I got my eyebrows waxed, got a haircut ( which I am not sure if she cut it properly until I do my own hair!) but nonetheless, i got it cut.

I went to Micheal's this afternoon and of course I am stacked with 40% off coupons cause I get them by email, ads and friends from work. I stand in line to pay and this gentlemen is buying a corner unit valued at 39.99$ for creating a tv stand. My assumption was that his wife was a scrapbooker but nope, it's a tv stand.
So I ask him, as he gets his credit card out to pay for it... after taxes and such about 47$.
He says he has no coupon. Without hesitation I give him one of mine. I said it's for you to save about 20$!! He was floored! A Very happy man he was and it was a real pleasure for me to give him the coupon. So minor and made such a difference to him.
That's my good deed for the day!

I got a parcel in the mail from a new scrap store i discovered in St. Hubert Quebec.. called Mon Scrapbook ... I needed a few items to complete a project and about 3 days later it's in my mailbox!!! I like that service.

Ok, so have you been drooling over the new CHA stuff coming out? Some i am disappointed in. I must say Pink Paislee ... not what I was hoping for.. too bad! But oh YUMMMY October Afternoon. They have a new blog! Finally after almost a year of stalking their website and wishing they had more to offer... they now do. Take a peek!
and Cosmo Cricket ... oooo those papers looks like so much fun. Can't wait to play with those.

Oh I wish to attend CHA in July. It's in ORLANDO!!!! yup.. so definitely on my bucket list!

Alright, LOST is BACK! Finally ... I can't believe it's been months since the last episode. Steve is going to TIVO this tonight so we can watch it tomorrow without commercials! Nothing that I hate more is watching a fabulous tv show ... and some stupid commercial comes on... So Fast Forward Commercials and enjoy the show or Pause and get Popcorn! LOL!!!

that's it for me tonight.. I am sure I could write more but that's it!
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