Friday, October 30, 2009

My Scrap Space!

Hello Readers!
My scraproom is featured on the blog yesterday, so i thought i would come and share it with you today!

Lucky you, I just gave my room a face lift and it's clean!!!
I just recently purchased organizer cubes and 2 large shelves to create my perfect space.
It was really inexpensive and perfect for any scrapbooker!

I have a room dedicated to all my scrapbook stuff ..
One side has a table for my computer & sewing machine and the other side has my scrap supplies.

Here are a few pics of my space --
this first pic is not the greatest, so i'll retake for you!! :-)

My flowers are usually arranged in mini ziplock bags sorted by color or style such as Hydrangeas or company.

My Clip It Up saves so much space for me.
I have so much stuff on here.. a great purchase if you don't have one already!

I recently cleaned out about 10 cropper hoppers full of paper and gave them away!!! I can't stand old papers just sitting there. So I only have this little pile of papers and they are all favorites!

Lastly, this is my furry friend Eddie. He loves to sit by the light and enjoy the 100 watts of pure " Fake " Sunshine! He's on my paper trimmer... sometimes I have to move his butt to cut a piece or two!

That's my scraproom! I hope you enjoyed a little tour of my space and if you have a room you'd like to share with me - post it in a comment!


  1. How lovely. I love everything about your scrap space. I especially like the yummy green on the wall.

  2. Fabulous!! Your room looks great!


  3. Great space....I can see why they featured it! Congrats!

  4. Heehee what a naughty kitty! Can't believe your paper stash is so small. Mine could eat yours for lunch. ;)

  5. wow Kristine! LOVE the new room! Glad you stuck with the green walls though, SO bright and happy! Drooling over your new desk(s?) LOOKS awesome! BTW-loving the new blog look too! This one is my fave!!

  6. I have a friend who also keeps her flowers in mini Ziplocs, but she keeps them on a big binder ring. Everything is very easy to find because she also placed the baggies by color, like all shades of pink will be together, each in their bags.

  7. Your room is beautiful, that is the perfect color. I love it.


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