Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2010... wow!
I remember being in school and thinking 2010 is gonna be so cool ... so futuristic and very silver!!

I have quite a few things happening this year such as:
my 20th High School reunion...
I haven't decided if i'll be attending yet but i'm thinking about it ;-P

We also have a family reunion in October 2010 which will be taking place in Florida.
We'll have family members from Kentucky, Ontario Canada, Texas, Florida and New Brunswick Canada attending.. I am looking forward to that.

My dad turns 60
Eddie turns 10
Steve turns 45
Steve and I have been with each other for 12 years
I hope to attend my 1st CHA in January or July! ;-)
my 38th Birthday in March

So many great things to look forward to... Are you celebrating anything this year?
I wish you and your family a FABULOUS 2010!!!


I am also happy to announce the winner of the BASIC GREY CARD KIT! choose post number ...... 2
Congrats to..

Congrats Laura!
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  1. Yeah, I'm celebrating the big 4-0 in August this year, hopefully I don't spend the entire day bawling and!!!!

  2. WOW! You sure have lots going on in 2010.You are actually younger than me I guess:( What a blast going to Florida and a CHA.Can't wait to hear all about them!

  3. OMG, you made me realise I'll have my own 20th high school reunion next year. I feel so old! :-D

  4. Oh, and which CHA are you attending? Are you going as an exhibitor? Or a visitor?

  5. happy new year girl!!
    it's gonna be a crazy year for me..with new routines, new hopes and new beginnings...
    let's cheers to all's well in 2010 :)


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