Saturday, January 02, 2010

a few decorated blogs

I love decorating blogs .... it just makes blogging that much more fun!

The first one is for Deborah. I did this one the first week of December ( I forgot to share it before! )

I love the colors that Deborah chose for her digi kit and after a few attempts, everything fell into place... Pop by to say hi!

I also just finished a little redecorating for Stephanie... I love these colors and really I think this banner sums up her vibrant personality! ;-) Thank you Stephanie for letting me play BLOGGIE DECO for you!!!

Have a fabulous day...


  1. They are both really great! I love the colors in Stephanie's also.

  2. Oh these are wonderful! I love them!

  3. These are both FABULOUS! You've got talent girl!

  4. Oh ! me likey!!!! Awesome work girl !

  5. I love my blog :)
    thanks so much!

  6. Love them! I also really love your banner!


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