Friday, March 26, 2010

Scrappy Mags!

Oh how i love a new scrapbook magazine. I love the fresh pages and tons of new ideas from scrapbookers around the world. The past few months I have been very frugal in purchasing the usual Scrapbooks Etc and Creating Keepsakes magazine. I do purchase the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine cause i know a few of the ladies published in them and enjoy sifting thru pages but lately i don't feel much inspiration from them.. sad to say. So i just wanted to share with you some of my favorite mags and if you decide to purchase them maybe you'll find some inspiration in them as well! If you enjoy paints, lots of colors and a different style in scrapbooking you'll love them. Or if you are looking to learn a few techniques ... these mags are awesome!



all 3 of these magazines are in French but without reading the articles you can still enjoy the amazing layouts they have to offer!

They are a bit pricey at about 20$ for one including shipping .. or you can buy 3 magazines for about 45$ including shipping. ( cad funds )

I purchase 3 here at


I also want to share with you 2 Canadian Magazines that you might be interested in..
Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine
- I've been fortunate enough to be published a few times in this magazine...


and another is Scrapbook & Cards Today
- they are Canadian Based but I find lots of the designers are from the US.
you can also download their latest issue Free !

If you are interested in a Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine... let me know and maybe you and I could swap magazines!!! I would love a Swedish, Australian, Norwegian, or other maybe?!!
Enjoy browsing and let me know if you like any of these publications!


  1. I buy Histoires de Pages and Esprit Scrapbooking too. These are pretty much the only ones I buy these days (haven't seen that 3rd one on the shelves... have to look).

    Fortunately, I can get these at the local magazine shop for 11.50 each... not worth it for me to subscribe (cheaper on the newstand!!!)

    I don't even bother with the ones from the US - there's nothing in them for me anymore...

  2. I remember looking through some of your French mags. at the crop.They were awesome and filled with so much inspiration.I may invest in one sometime.

  3. I would love to swap Australian mags for the Canadian ones. Email me if you are interested ;) (I have been looking for someone overseas to swap international mags with).

    Oh I loooove the look of those French ones too - they look very very inspiring to me. But a bit pricey at $20 each.

  4. Merci pour le lien où acheter les revues, je ne le connaissais pas.

  5. wow , how amazing it is to see the french mag on your blog !!I am french and I love those mags, I do not miss any issues, there are so inspiring !!
    I love your work too, I love to use your sketches, thanks !!!


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