Saturday, September 05, 2009

Heading South ...

Saturday morning Sep 5th..

I have seriously butterflies this morning and anxious for our flights. We are travelling with expired passports but we do have birth certificates and photo id. I hate this ... why .. why did we not get our passports like 2 years ago when we were suppose to... Thank goodness we are permitted to travel as Canadians with expired passports but I still have Butterflies.

It's 6am and we are ready for our shuttle service, we didn't sleep at all since the Air Conditioner was making noise all night... but we are excited to be off on vacation. It's been a while!

We check in and since we fly standby ( i'm an employee ) we don't have seat selection until 20 min or so prior to departure. .... we wait patiently with our carry on bags and yes.. anxiety. I know we still have about 30 open seats on plane but it's still nerve wracking.

It's almost boarding time and they call our names ... party of 2 Davidson to the counter please ...
We get our seats!! WOOP WOOP .. we paid a higher service fee and were able to get Business Class... If you've never flown business class ... it's AMAZING!
You get priority boarding .. so you are on the aircraft before everyone else is, get your coffee or juice and relax. The chairs are like lazy boys... and so much leg room. We were gitty just like school kids!
We watched the movie ... Ghosts of Girlfriends past with Jennifer Garner and Yummy Matt M.
I was crying during a part in the movie and laughing at the same time.. whoever was behind us might of thought i was crazy or something!! hahh .. great movie!

The flight went very well and I enjoyed taking a few pics on the way.

this is a picture looking down into the Caribbean Sea, with cloud on top .. beautiful view!

We landing in Cancun Mexico at about 11am.. If you've never been to Cancun and you land in this airport.. be prepared to be BOMBARDED by travel counsellors asking you questions about your stay. They are people who want you to visit new TIME SHARE properties and they HOUND you for about 2 hours ... we knew this because we've been to Cancun before and we knew to ignore them.. it's really chaotic!

We had prearranged Shuttle Service with Cancun Shuttle and patiently waited for them to arrive for us. The driver was really nice and gave us a few tips about our stay...

We arrived at our hotel .. the CANCUN OASIS at about 12 noon and all i can say is .. IT WAS HOT! both steve and i were drenched and really anxious to hit the pool bar! They checked us in, we changed in our swimsuits and headed for the pool. Our Room wasn't going to be ready until after 3pm.

We ended up enjoying about 3 hours of pool time and some fabulous margaritas and Modelo beers! ... ah.... cancun .............

We got settled in to our room, got ready for dinner .. we were looking for the pasta place but couldn't find it ... so we ended up in the buffet area. It was really warm, something we weren't use to, so we walked around the resort, relaxed and headed to bed early.

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