Saturday, August 07, 2010

No Title...

I have no title for this post, I just feel an urge to blog tonight.

I am sad... so sad.
I should be so happy and really grateful of some news but I think I am having a hard time understanding, and accepting.

If any of you know me personally, you know how much I LOVE our kitty Eddie. He's been part of our family for the past 10 years... since November 2000 at the age of 8 weeks he's been part of our family. Just recently he started feeling ill. We noticed that he was going to the washroom sooo much more and we were changing his litter box every day which is really abnormal for him, he is also drinking so much water and I put his color on him the other day and noticed he had lost a bit of weight. I dont like seeing him ill and on Thursday we brought him to the Vet.

Dr. B is so nice and easy to talk to... and instantly knew that Eddie had issues. In Oct 2009 he weighed over 16 pounds, and tonight he was 11pounds. They took some blood tests, and a urine sample to be analyzed and told us they would call us in the morning.
That was a long night....

Friday morning at about 11am Dr.B called us to let us know Eddie had diabetes.

In a way I was relieved that he is going to be okay.... that it wasn't Cancer, or FIP which our last kitties died of.

I feel --- sad, emotional, scared, overwhelmed, terrified, sometimes all at once. I've cried so much in the past 24 hours I think my eyeballs are gonna fall out. I know so many cats live great happy, healthy lives with this illness and I am hoping that Eddie is with us for a long time. I am really not ready to let him go nor will I ever be.

Eddie is now on a diabetic diet - which is no treats, and no mush mush. We give him mush mush on Wednesday and Sundays - he loves his Fancy Feast Salmon ;-) ... so we have to cut that out to a teaspoon on these days and had to eliminate his treats. This magical food they gave us ( 35$ a bag ) is actually pretty good... as per Eddie. We have some in a " treat " bag and give it to him after his insulin ... as a good reward.. but he doesn't know it's really his "real food " so that's a plus. He is slowly in transition from his old Purina One food to this special food. He'll be on this 100% by next Wednesday..

he's on insulin 2x per day... something i haven't had the nerves to try yet. Steve has been the one doing the needles, i just rub Eddie for support ... like he needs it.. I think I need it.

well... that's my No Title post for today.

I know things will be better and we'll be fine... but right now this SUCKS!

This message that the universe is sending me... I haven't figured it out yet but I am sure someday I will.


  1. Ohh Kristine I`m so so sorry!!! I love cats and I know this must be so hard for you.
    A Big Hug!!

  2. Hi Kristine, I'm sorry about your cat, I know that pets mean a lot for us, they became a part of family.
    It's not easy, but my friend's dog has diabetes and it's ok, in the beginning it was really hard, all the concern, new diet and insulin twice a day. Now, she keeps the special food and reduced the insulin, some days the dog don't need it.
    You discovered it in the beginning and you are taking all precautions, Eddie will stay health again and you'll have a happy cat for a long time.
    Regards, Camila.

  3. Oh Gosh! So sorry to hear this. Hope Eddie is gonna be ok! I have a cat too. I know its hard to go thru this.
    Here a Hug for you.

  4. Big hugs to you!!! That must be so difficult to take in but i am sure Eddie will live a long and happy life! He sure is lucky to be so loved:-)

  5. Ohhh Sweets, big hugs to you ((((Hugs)))) I know, that you know, that Eddie will be ok, but right now you just need to feel sad...and that's ok. He's your furbaby, and those of us with our own furbaby can understand how heartbreaking this is for you. Again, big hugs, and call me if you need to chat or have a good cry

  6. Hi Kristine, So sorry to hear that your Eddie is sick. It is so hard when our pets are ill. I know that my two pups mean the world to me. Wishing you and Eddie a much better week ahead. I hear you with being nervous of the animal doctoring. My Maggie has an ear infection and DH comes home at lunch to administer drops! ;) Hoping to hear that Eddie will soon be feeling much better! :)

  7. Oh Kristine, so sorry to hear that Eddie is not well. Sending you lots of positive thoughts while you come to terms with these changes in your lives. Hug Eddie close and you are sure to feel better!!

  8. awww, heartfelt hugs! I know Eddie means a lot to you and you are doing the best for him. Sending prayers!

  9. Aww Kristine...I hope Eddie feels better soon so that you will too. Thinking of you!

  10. I know how much you and Steve love Eddie and with your love and special care, I am sure he will be with you a long, long, long time. I am sorry that this is happening though.

  11. So sorry to hear about Eddie. I hope that he will be ok with the insulin and correct food. We recently had to put Cuddles down - my 14yr old fur-baby. He had kidney failure and we were giving him sub-q fluids through IV on a daily basis for almost 2 months. So sad to watch our fur-babies get sick. All the best.

  12. Poor Eddie....but I want to let you know that my dear friend has a kitty with diabetes and he has been doing very well...

    I am with you with the needles....

    Know that you and the family are in my thoughts!!!! When our furbabies are is tough!!!!

  13. Eddie is a very lucky kitty to be with a family who is able to care for him in such a way. There are so many kitties who wouldn't get this kind of love.

    Sorry he is sick right now, hope he is feeling better soon and on the mend.


  14. So sorry to hear this Kristine, I know how much you love that kitty.. he is lucky to have a great fur-mommy like youto take care of him :)

  15. Big hugs to you Kristine. On a positive note, I know two diabetic cats that go so well on the special food that they don't need insulin anymore. So there's hope. I lived with a sick cat for more than 3 years (Arnold had chronic renal failure and survived 3 years instead of a few months)and I thought it was a blessing in some ways. You enjoy your time with them so much more.

  16. Kristine...we had a cat that had diabetes he lived for 4 more years after we found out.. I was the on giving him the shots of insulin...and found it very rewarding that I was able to help him... good luck..will be thinking of you...and your kitty....

  17. Sorry to hear this, Kristine. I hope that the diet and medication will help, and that Eddie feels better soon. Hang in there....

  18. Ahh i am so sorry to hear isn't easy to have a sick kitty! I hope the new diet has him feeling better soon!! Our kitty had dietary issues too & is on 35.00/bag cat helped him alot..he doesn't really get to eat anything else-doesn't stop him from begging though..awww!
    Take care,

  19. So sorry to hear bout ur cat & I hope he will continue to be well soon. We have two cats & I know someday we will part with them but it's never easy to say goodbye to my fur-babies :( Hope Eddie will be recover soon!!

  20. Big Hug...Eddie will be okay soon....


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