Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Cute Kitty!

Well yesterday was a good day for my Week In the Life Challenge. I took about 106 pictures. Some were so so and others were okay. Photos of stuff I would never consider taking .. such as our recycling bins, my coffee cup, and even myself with a camera!

Today was a different story. I took about 25 photos and took a nap! It was a lazy day for me today as I am getting ready for my overnight shifts I feel shitty! Really? I am too old and lazy to stay up all night .... The only time I would even consider staying up all night ( or Atleast till 2am) would be when I'm scrappin... so this has me all in a tuff! .. Sigh!
Anyhow, I did take some pictures and probably will be scrappin them but to finish this Week In the Life Challenge... might be another story... We shall see.

I leave you with a photo of my cute Kitty !
He's so photogenic! Loves the Camera.. and would you believe me if i said every time he hears the camera click he changes his head position !!! Like a little kitty SuperModel! hahahah!!!!

That's all for today!
I am off to watch LOST.


  1. Awwww Eddie... you are the cutest puddy cat...EVAH!!!!:)

  2. I so hear ya on the too old to stay up all night! I hope I can make it through the Relay For Life.My body just can't function after a particular time of day.

    Eddie is a cutie for sure!

  3. Kristine, your Eddie reminds me of my dear cat Daniel. Daniel looks exactly like your Eddie, same colour, same hair pattern, pure white hair from neck to the chest, and for all feet. Just looks like a tiger! My Daniel passed away last year when he was 16 years old. Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture. It's so familiar to me.


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