Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ink Spots!

yes, to all my Scrappy Friends out there.. I need help!
I don't consider myself a newbie to this hobby but i am always trying to learn new techniques of some sort... so please ... PLEASE tell me how to create INK SPOTS!
I love these and would love some on my projects!! I just recently purchased some alcohol inks... and tried to just drop some on a page.. ya that didn't work! It just seems to create a perfect round dot.. which i don't want. I know how to use a toothbrush for a spakle - speckle whatever you call it.. but i WANT INK SPOTS! HELP!


  1. I use the following technique with watercolor. It can probably be done with acrylic too, you'll need to experiment. As for ink, it might be too liquid, but I'm really not sure.

    Pick up the paint with a small paintbrush, maybe a bigger one will make more interesting spots, I don't know.

    Take another brush, or a pen, and tap the "loaded" paintbrush against the handle of the other, or the pen.

    You could also just flick the loaded paintbrush over your surface.

    The closer you are, the bigger the spots.

    Let me know how it works out.

  2. I did a class with Vicki Boutin once where we used a straw to lightly blow paint around the page to make splotches. The effect was pretty cool and I am sure it would work with alcohol ink as well. Good luck with it.

  3. Use more, from higher up, LOL!

  4. I was going to suggest the heat gun, but Tracey's suggestion of a straw would probably give a better effect. LOL

  5. Great tips girls.
    I tagged you on my blog Kristine. :)

  6. I'd be no help,but I bet Evan could tell you.

  7. Try standing your paper upright, and flicking the ink/paint at it.


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