Sunday, August 23, 2009

She's All That!

My Dear Friend Stephie and I scrapbooked last night till about 1am. I was getting a little sleepy so I had to kick her out ! hahaha... It's always fun to scrap with someone else sometimes but then there are moments when your Scrappy Friend says " Are you Scrappin Her Again?!" In a joyful way of course .. and I replied YES! Yes I am!!!

I don't have many photos as most of you know .. my little nieces are a few hours away from me and her mom doesn't take many pics..( HINT HINT!) the only pics i have are the ones I've stollen off Facebook for them... and well I am limited. So yes, I have scrapbooked my older nieces again!

Hopefully soon i'll have more pics but for now .. it's to my current stash of G and S!

She's All That!

Basic Grey Lemonade papers were used for this page, and my gobs of glitter!
And i'll let you all know that next week I do have a pic of hubby that i'm scrappin!! It's only 11 years old but it's still good! hahahah Stephie! XOXO


Don't forget tonight is Big Brother! Are you watching??
Have you seen this picture of Jeff and Russell ??? DROOL!!!

Oh my... god makes wonderful creatures!!

On that note, have a great Sunday night!


  1. scrap whatcha got - they are excellent photos!

    loooving BB this season :D

  2. I love your layouts of your nieces!

    Oh I am a big Jeff fan! He is smokin!!!!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous Kristine! I love it!

  4. You can come and scrap my pics!!! I was going through some old layouts and have one that you did from a picture swap....darool! I love that layout.


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