Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amy's New Blog!

WOW! I think I am getting a bit of mojo back! It's been ages since I've created, and perhaps the colder weather and shorter days has something to do with my creative juices! I finished a blog makeover for Amy yesterday. Poor girl has been waiting months/weeks for her new blog.
The final outcome turned out pretty good, I love her cupcakes and the colors ;-)

Thank you AMY for giving me this opportunity and being so patient xx

-- as for scrappyness.... well I haven't created a layout since the last crop I attended ... that was when? mm... i think June! Craziness.... Although this weekend is a crop weekend for myself and a few scrappy friends Marielle, Zoe and Stephanie... I can't wait ! I haven't packed yet but I hope to get a few NEW photos printed and play with some new stash of papers!!!!

Oh yeah and I got braces! YUP.. i did. I've been having issues with my jaw lately - getting headaches and TMJ issues so this is after massage therapy, physiotherapy and a bite plate. So let's hope I get some relief with a fixed cross bite ;-)

Yup, it's mashed potatoes, Jello, Pudding, and scrambled eggs for a few weeks until I get used to the wires but so far it's been okay. Painful for my first week but this week isn't too bad.

Anyhoo that's my update for you today. I hope my next post will consist of a few layouts ;-)
Thanks for visiting and not deleting me from your Blog Reader ;-))



  1. Looks cute, cannot wait for my new one...have fun this weekend!!!

  2. Hi there I have just joined your site and hope to spend lots of time looking through your blog. Love your work. My daughter's just had her braces removed after 18 months, you won't be eating mushy food for too long it's just the early weeks. Good Luck. Sunny B ( way over in the UK)!


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