Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's 2017

Oh my goodness time flies. Seriously! I haven't posted anything or updated my blog because i had 2 computers.. yes 2 computers FRIED! I am assuming it's Windows 10 that caused it but I am really not sure. So after a few weeks of going crazy without a computer being able to create sketches, update my blog, create cut files I hope... fingers crossed that this current computer stays alive!

I have a few blog posts to do so i'll be updating here in the next day or so.

Well after my computers fried, i sadly lost most of my photos. I thought I had saved them online to but it seems I created a folder but didn't upload any pictures ( i was in the process of cleaning my pics, sorting, and deleting any extras) and well ... i lost years of photos.  I do have some pictures on instagram which I am so thankful for, but many great pics are missing.

With that said, I didn't do project life last year, and I am kind of missing it. I did really well in 2014-2015 and stopped for 2016. I have been taking a few more " daily " photos in 2017 and hope to start a PL album. I am thinking 6x8 would be great and will take up less space than a huge 12x12. Are you doing PL this year? are you creating anything for yourself in a Traveler's Notebook, Planner, 12x12 album? I'm curious. Will you share your ideas with me ?

The chaos of my sketchbooks. WOW what a mess. Printed later than anticipated, arrived mostly during the holidays, post office closed on odd days and storms caused major delays in arrival to me and shipping to others.  I have mailed out the orders and rest assured they are on their way to you. I do apologize for the long wait and how the preorders took a few weeks longer than expected. If you still haven't received your books, they are in transit and I appreciate your patience.
I do not have any V4  printed copies left, but I do have ebooks available - you can find them here in my etsy store (Save 10% use code CREATIVE10 ) -- If you are interested in V4 please email me. 

Looking forward to creating in 2017 and thank you all for being part of my journey!

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