Monday, September 15, 2014

Creating With Sketches | Volume 3

Back by popular demand! Creating With Sketches V3 is now available for PREORDER! I am soooo excited to announce that with your support and encouragement I am in the process of creating my 3rd volume of Creating With Sketches! It means so much to me that you enjoy my sketchbooks and are always looking forward to the next issue.

This 3rd volume is going to be similar to V1 & V2.  It will be filled with inspiration, and layout ideas to help you in your creative process.  It will feature over 120 12x12"  Sketches and 60 international designers, sheets to create your own sketches and more!

Creating With Sketches will feature a few designers you might now from our past design teams! Missy Whidden, Nicole Nowosad, Sherri Funk, Monique Liedtke, Debbi Tehrani, Delaina Burns, Marielle LeBlanc, Tina McDonald, Tracy Banks,  Sara Zenger, Heather Leopard, Mary Ann Jenkins, Rebecca Keppel, Ashley Horton, Shannon Morgan and so many more!

At this time I am offering a preorder for the PRINTED version of the sketchbook.  If you are interested in a printed version I would suggest you do PREORDER. Get the issue as it comes directly from the printers!

The Digital Version will be available in pdf format for your digital media such as iphone, ipad etc in the next few weeks. 

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