Sunday, February 03, 2013

Project Life - Up to Jan 26 2013

Project Life - January 15 to January 26 2013

It was a great 2 weeks, other than being sick with a head cold after our trip to Los Angeles. I enjoyed a serious Jet Lag day on Monday upon our return and then Wednesday - Sunday I was sick. It was expected since I hadn't been sick in a while and travelling / airplane germs will do it for you!

I had test done in regards to my snoring and found out I have sleep apea. I wasn't surprised! I can fall asleep pretty much anywhere and fall asleep when driving more than an hour. My results returned with 18cycles per hour. So I am certainly missing my oxygen during my sleep.

Steve and I enjoyed a great meal at Montana's Steak House. We enjoy it there. We always go around 4pm when it's quiet and we can enjoy some good conversation about work and life! .. mostly work! They have kraft mats on the tables and i always enjoy doodling a bit... aren't we cute?!! top left corner!?? come on... that's cool!

Hockey is back and hubby is proudly wearing his Toronto Jersey! Don't judge! ... he's been a fan for years .. even if they are losers ;-P

Of course Eddie always need a space in our weekly spread!

That's pretty much our week, thank you so much for stopping by and so.. have you started your own version of PL yet?!

I actually starting printing pics for 2012... my first spread! I am away at a scrapbook retreat next weekend and I hope to finish a few weeks of 2012.

My PL is up to date, i usually documents during the week on a day off and still keep my Saturday Nights for documenting while hubby watches Hockey. LOVE IT

this is a spreadsheet
you can download for yourself
if you need to get organized...
Project Life Worksheet

Thanks for stopping by today! Hopefully I've inspired you to create your own version of Project Life!

I have everything done up to and including February 2 so I'll be posting pics shortly!


  1. You are so creative! I love the things you document! Your PL... amazing!

  2. malheureusement, le lien est rompu... peut-on le trouver autrement ?


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